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Taking a closer look at the new USPS®

In the past few years the USPS® has been dedicated to improving every aspect of its shipping services and shippers of all sizes are taking notice. 

Today, with the help of intuiSHIP, you will find a new USPS® that can go toe-to-toe with any private carrier.

How have the largest shippers saved money and improved their customer satisfaction? 

They’ve made intuiSHIP and the USPS® an integral part of their shipping mix. 

In today’s competitive market place you can’t count on one carrier to handle all of your shipping.

Different carriers excel in different areas.  So where does the USPS® and intuiSHIP excel?

  • Shipping business-to-business and business-to-residences
  • Anything that fits in a Flat Rate envelope or box
  • Small domestic shipments (under 10 lbs)
  • Almost all international shipments

If you are not using intuiSHIP for those packages, you’re probably paying too much for shipping.

Where will you save money with the USPS®?

Contact intuiSHIP for a no-obligation cost-savings analysis.