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Simple, Easy, Fast & Flexible

If you are a intuiSHIP customer and ship as little as a couple hundred shipments a day to several thousands of shipments, our Web Services API is the right integration solution for you. 

intuiSHIP's Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Web Services API, provides web services for creating an integrated solution for shipping via the Postal Service and over 60 Less-Than-Truckload carriers.    

How it Works

IntuiShip Proivdes You With: 

  • SOAP documentation
  • WSDL
  • Links to shipping labels
  • Technical support

Customer Is Responsible For:

  • Integration and end-user experience 


  • Calculate shipping cost
  • Create shipping labels
  • Standardize addresses
  • Store addresses
  • Track shipments


  • Allows high volume shippers to take advantage of our discounted services and suite of carriers
  • Simplified mechanism to connect applications regardless of the technology or devices in use
  • Based on industry standard protocols with universal support
  • Leverages the internet for low cost communications
  • Supports multiple connectivity and information sharing scenarios

If you would like to learn more about integration with us, please contact us at support@intuiship.com